What Makes Us Different?

Our Story

At Summit Logistics, we are a smaller, family owned operation with high professional standards and well placed code of ethics, business, and morals. Being raised in a cozy, tight knit town on the east coast, we have learned the value and importance of local, home grown businesses and their role in the community. Our business practices, customer appreciation, and quality of craftsmanship all reflect this. 

In a time where big business enterprises flourish, and smaller mom and pop operations are being run out of business and out of town, it is crucial for the community to shop locally and support their local businesses and economy. Big companies care only about profit, when the local guys care about YOU. When big business is able to run the locals out, they are free to do as they please and charge what they want because they are they only game in town.


We put this all together with the most basic thoughts and considerations in mind: Family and community. We are realistic and know this won't be easy, and this won't be a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. We set realistic goals that are attainable and once they are met, set the bar a little higher and go for the next set. 

First, we had to reflect on who we were.  The only way to know who you are is you have to know where you came from. We both had similar backgrounds, coming from families that were never rich, but our teen years were shaped in well to do towns where a lot of the people our age were just handed everything, while we had to work hard for everything we had. It teaches you to be humble and to be content with what you have. It also gives you a sense of pride to finally get what you have worked so hard for. You learn the value of the dollar.


The last few years had been rough on us both, personally. Through all the negativity and life changes, somehow, we found each other and both found the friend and the support we needed to lift up above everything going on separately in our lives. We became the strength and motivation the other needed.


After many hours and long nights of planning and structuring, the plan was finally put together for Summit, and in November 2018, took the leap of faith and incorporated our LLC. Now we set on our journey, which hopefully leads to success. We vow to provide honest and fair pricing combined with top quality service and craftsmanship. We are not big business. We are community. It is not the dollar that motivates us. It is family.

Our Commitment

We vow to treat each client as an individual and cater to their needs in that way. When our clients are satisfied, we succeed. Through our success and achievements, we can then give back to the community to help make living in our neighborhoods a little bit better.

Our goal is to live a life where our family is comfortable and rich with love. We reserve a portion of our profits for the kids, so they may have a chance to go to college and succeed. So they will be able to do what we couldn’t: Start their adult lives and not be in debt. Another portion of our proceeds go back into the communities by supporting local youth and vocational programs, donations to schools and religious centers, and helping with and supporting local parks, museums, and community cleanup and beautification efforts.  Whatever causes are in our neighborhoods to help make this a little bit of a better place for you and your families to live and grow, right around the corner from us!

We are Summit Logistics...Service. Elevated.

Give us a call, even just to say Hello or to see what Solutions we can offer you.

Best Wishes, From Our Family to Yours

-Eric Seligmann and Hillaree Robinson

See what we can do for YOU!




Complete system tune up, inspections, and performance optimization services that are fully customizable to fit your needs and budget!



Speedy and flexible response times minimize the downtime of your equipment and up front flat rate pricing to ensure the final bill won't catch you off guard!



A broad selection of manufacturers and types of equipment helps us match the perfect system for you and your family when time comes to replace aging appliances or even when installing from the ground up!



Learn how technology can integrate climate control into your existing home management systems or allow us to help you build your smart house from scratch! 



We offer a wide range of services to help ensure the highest standards of professionalism, skill, and expertise are maintained to handle any of your specific projects or needs.



 Top quality parts combined with expert knowledge and craftsmanship come together to not just band aid problems, but to find the best options for true solutions, saving all our clients time and money...and and offering peace of mind to focus on what is truly important in life.

Custom tailored solutions to fit YOUR specific needs!




Let us take care of your facilities' maintenance needs and you and your team can focus on your core business worry free!



Timely and quality repairs ensure lost production is at a minimum and equipment and processes can continue safely and efficiently



Replace aging and costly equipment with more productive, state of the art systems and give your business that competitive edge!



You don't have a maintenance crew or have the time or know how to train one from the bottom up? We have you covered.



Customize our services to fit your needs. No longer will you have to deal with dozens of contractors and companies sending in even more bills on a monthly basis! One invoice from one company is all you get, Summit handles the rest!



Lets work together as a team to arrive at the solutions you need for a smooth, more productive operation, allowing your business to profit, grow, and change the world for the better!